May is NF Awareness month and on the 17th May its World NF Awareness Day where the everyone around the world does their bit to raise awareness of NF.

Our friends at Children’s Tumour Foundation are behind the ‘Shine A Light on NF’ campaign and are instrumental in getting well known monuments and buildings to light up in blue and green around the world.  From Niagara Falls (picture from Children’s Tumour Foundation) Canada to Austria and the UK.

We at CTT encourage people to wear blue/green to work, college or school, wear one our our awareness pins, make a cake to share or put a blue /green light on in your window.




We have a powerpoint What is Neurofibromatosis type1 school assembly CTT (1) aimed at school children which is often shown in assembly during awareness month and even better if the school can wear blue/green for the day.

Or simply change your profile picture on Facebook to our own – designed by 7 year old Chloe

If you do anything at all for NF Awareness Day  we would love to share your picture on our social media.  – Together we can make a difference.