Research into NF1 is going on all the time with fantastic teams of researchers in the UK, USA and worldwide.

Research takes a number of forms including advances in removal and shrinkage of tumours and research into the learning, behavioural and well-being aspects of those diagnosed with NF1 and their families. CTT will support research that will benefit people with NF1 and their families by contributing to the funding of research projects.

The most exciting news is regarding the MEK trials which has shown Plexiform tumours to shrink between 20 and 40% in the majority of children. This is truly groundbreaking, and gives hope to all of us.

If you are interested in helping in Research please join the NF Registry This has been set up by the NF Charity in the USA - Children's Tumor Foundation. The link gives you full details on how the information is used. If you are considering participating in any studies please ensure you understand what is required of you and what the data contributed will be used for CTT cannot take any responsibility for any decisions you make regarding participating in research.

Girl with prothsetic leg
Girl in wheel chair
Child chemo patient happy they has won their battle
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